This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. For today’s blog, I toured the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the church of scientology’s West Coast headquarters, in Los Angeles.

I arrived early, noticing the amount of litter with scientology’s name on it (mostly “free” OCA Personality Test tickets as well as “free” Dianetics film tickets, in English and Spanish). As I walked south along Vermont Ave., just a few blocks east of PAC Base, I noticed a sizable discard on the sidewalk. It turned out to be an Oxford Capacity Analysis (“OCA”) Evaluation Packet, complete with the OCA Personality Test results for “Esther,” the person who apparently tossed the results (and everything associated with it) on the ground.

As I read scientology’s OCA Test results for “Esther,” I felt sad for her, and for anyone else who has to go through such a painful process. I’m calling the results “bad” because the results made “Esther” seem, overall, less than desirable to the human race. I felt a bit humbled and even a little ashamed to know that I had been associated with the so-called “church” of scientology for 37-years.

I had forgotten how numbing the results of an OCA Personality Test can be. I did my first OCA in 1977, at the Mission of Salt Lake City, Utah. I didn’t know it at the time, but an OCA test is designed to find a person’s “ruin,” whatever it is that’s holding a person back in life. Or at least that’s my understanding of the procedure. Of course, all of this is how scientology sees the person doing the Personality Test. It’s scientology’s rules; their guidelines. There’s no one overseeing what scientology does, so I would assume that from the moment a person steps through their front door, scientology controls them hook, line and sinker. Unless you’re “Esther,” that is.

If there’s one thing in scientology that really communicated to me is the relationship an auditor (the person who administers scientology spiritual counseling) and a pre-clear (“PC”) is supposed to have. As directed by founder L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”) in “The Auditor’s Code,” an auditor is never to invalidate or evaluate for a PC. I’ve delivered auditing sessions and know, first-hand, the importance of being kind, decent, and caring. But never invalidating or evaluating for a PC goes much further than an auditing room in the church of scientology. I believe it’s important to never do this in life; never invalidate your friend, spouse, or work associate; never evaluate for them either. This sounds wonderful in theory; in practice, however, it can be a difficult philosophy to maintain.

So when I read her test results, I felt bad for ever having been in scientology, because there are bold statements in the results that outright invalidate. Phrases such as “You are extremely unstable in character,” “You are in a complete state of nervousness,” and “You are completely irresponsible,” make me realize just how much liberty scientology actually takes with mankind, with people new to their “religion.” The church of scientology is invalidating people fresh off the streets; punching them hard with all they’ve got in the hopes that people, like poor “Esther,” will cough up $20 for a book or $50 for an extension course, and then scientology will tell them how to live the rest of their lives.

Photo Caption: It appears that “Esther” took the DASH, a bus of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation system, because I found one of their bus schedules laying in the pile of OCA-related material, discarded as trash on the sidewalk.

Photo Caption: I found the OCA-related material in front of a building next door to this Wendy’s restaurant, near the corner of Vermont and Fountain Avenues, three blocks east of PAC Base (as seen in the background). I used to frequent that Wendy’s, in fact, in the 1980’s, when I studied full-time at the American St. Hill Organization Day (“ASHO”).

Photo Caption: “Oxford Capacity Analysis Evaluation Packet.” “This is your personalized route to happiness and success. Start today!” (This is the front of the packet.)

If this was supposed to have been her “personalized route to happiness and success,” then why did she apparently throw her future away? Why did scientology, the “church” I called home for almost four decades, say bad things to her in the form of her OCA Personality Test results? Why did I wake up to this only today?

Photo Caption: “Congratulations on completing your OCA test!” “You have completed the first step in understanding the personality traits that determine your future success and happiness.” “This evaluation packet includes all of the information on your personal course of action designed to improve the specific areas of your life that have been holding you back. Your Evaluator [who evaluated “Esther”] has identified the top personality traits that reflect your strengths, as well as the traits that can significantly be improved on.” “Those who pursue the recommended courses…” (Upon opening the packet, this is its inside left side.)

The courses that scientology recommended that “Esther” take in order to “significantly” improve her “weaknesses,” are “Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life,” “Successfully Raising Children,” and “How to Achieve Self Confidence” (a picture of which you’ll see later in this blog). I have a question for scientology: in her Personality Test results, you said that “Esther” is not active. If that’s the case, then why didn’t you suggest that she do the “How to Get Motivated” course?

Photo Caption: “Esther’s” “personalized evaluation packet included her test results, an evaluation summary of that test, booklets on scientology and dianetics as well as “free” Personality Test tickets for “Esther” to “share” with her friends and family! Here you can see all the items that came with the packet. (Upon opening the packet, this is its inside right side.)

Photo Caption: Here’s an LRH quote that someone thought would fit perfectly on the back of such a packet. (This is the rear of the packet.)

Photo Caption: The points of “Esther’s” OCA graph above zero are normal-to-desirable states; the areas below zero scientology deems “unacceptable states.” Notice the sections at the bottom of the page (beginning on the left with with “A: Unstable, Dispersed,” to “J: Withdrawn” to the right). These sections correspond with the next page (“Evaluation Summary”). “Copyright 1978.” 1978?!

Photo Caption: This is the church of scientology’s “Evaluation Summary” for “Esther.” Notice that either the paper was yellowed or the printer was about to run out of ink. How unprofessional! (This is the front of the “Evaluation Summary” page.)

The results of this OCA Personality Test were bad enough for “Esther” to throw the whole lot away. Say, scientology, as a “religion,” you’re using public money to fund all the work you do in order to bring people into your organizations. Something is quite wrong when new people leave and throw your recommendations out the window. Besides, since when did you start letting people such as “Esther” walk away with their test results? Aren’t such results supposed to be kept in a file in the scientology organization in which she took the test? (In this case, the Los Angeles Organization, or “LA Org”).

Through this “Evaluation” (yes, it’s actually called an eval), “Esther” learns her memory is bad; that she can’t concentrate on concerns at hand; that she’s hypnotic, and that her decisions, judgments and opinions are unreliable; that she’s impulsive and untrustworthy. Per the graph, “Esther” is unstable and dispersed.

In C4 (“C: Nervous,” per the graph), “Esther” learns how little control she has over her life; that she can’t relax or be calm for any length of time; that’s she’s nervous and agitated; also: irritable, inclined to be hysterical; sometimes violent; that she’s easily distracted.

And her “Eval” just goes on and on, jumping up and down on her “unacceptable” points.

Say, aren’t we all a little bit of of all of these good and not-so-good traits and characteristics at one time or another in our life?

Photo Caption: This is the other side of the “Evaluation Summary” page.

Photo Caption: This is the front and rear cover of the booklet, “More Information about Scientology,” included in “Esther’s” OCA Evaluation Packet.

Photo Caption: This is a sampling of two pages inside the booklet, “More Information about Scientology.” “The Easiest Way,” the booklet states For who? “Esther” or scientology?

Photo Caption: In her pack, the church of scientology included this 40-page booklet, filled with books, audio books, films and lectures by LRH for “Esther” to buy. What fun!

Photo Caption: This is a sampling of two pages inside the booklet, “Dianetics and scientology.”

Photo Caption: Here are two “free” Personality Test tickets for “Esther” to use in case she wanted to potentially make someone else feel bad the result of such a test.

Photo Caption: These brochures were given to “Esther” with the recommendation, I’m sure, that if she took those courses, her life would improve remarkably.

A personal note to all the Esthers (and to all of the “Eds) of Earth: if you want a happy life, avoid scientology’s invalidations and evaluations!

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.