I, JennyAtLAX, declare and state as follows:

I have known Mr. David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology Inc. (“SI”), Chairman of the Board (“COB”) of Religious Technology Center (“RTC”) for over 25 years.

I must correct a previous declaration made in 2009 by stating that, without a doubt, I have experienced and witnessed atrocities between SI and COB toward others.

After watching the Alex Gibney/HBO Films Documentary, Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief, I am beside myself with the guilt and shame of ever having had anything to do with SI and COB. This “religion” is much more than a cult; it is an evil control-mechanism. Whatever spiritual benefits that members of the Church of Scientology (“CofS”) had under its founder, L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”), have been swept under the proverbial rug by the tyrant that is COB.

Mankind’s “confront of evil” has not been high enough; SI needs to be lassoed and hog-tied. The power that COB has been given is like the power Adolph Hitler received as the head of the Nazi Party in Germany, 1933-1945 (kudos to the present-day German government for not recognizing Scientology as a religion). Without the weapons that the Third Reich brandished in order to spread their destruction, SI has been simply allowed to run amok, all in the name of “religion.” The harm done to someone spiritually cannot be properly measured in a science lab. Generations of mankind have been, are being and will be enslaved by SI and COB unless someone in authority steps in and gives a firm “That’s it!” to their antics.

I can’t stay in “The Hole” anymore; I can’t continue on as COB’s puppet. I can’t go on like this anymore, I just can’t.

I have admired Tom Cruise and John Travolta almost as much as I have COB, but Going Clear has tainted that affection forever. Going Clear has assisted these two movie stars by kissing their careers goodbye for them.

Because of SI and COB, I lost my love and compassion for others. Through Going Clear, however, I found my heart once again, yet it cracked in two as I watched heartbreaking after heartbreaking story of good people duped, tortured, enslaved, beaten and trampled on by SI.

If I could have but three wishes come true, they would be:

(1) The doors to Scientology Inc. close forever, and that no one should be fooled into signing any kind of contract or agreement whatsoever with them ever again;

(2) All contracts and agreements between parishioners, past and present, in Good Standing or not, with SI become null and void;

(3) COB be removed from post and held by the International Criminal Court (“ICC”) to face his accusers.

Going Clear assures us that if you are not a member of Scientology Inc., you are considered “the enemy,” and will be dealt with accordingly. Remember that always.

I declare that the foregoing is true and correct.