Today, as I walked along Sunset Blvd., heading east toward Von’s Supermarket, in Los Angeles, California, I stopped at Vermont Ave., and waited for the light in order to cross the street. That’s when I noticed them: Body Routers, swarming like bees on each of the four street corners. As I passed two of them, I kicked a discarded “free” Personality Test ticket from the sidewalk into the gutter.

After shopping, I headed back the same way I came and they were still here: Body Routers, strange shepherds leading the lambs to the slaughter. Body Routers, and Scientologists in general, are taught of their superiority over the human race. I used to feel that way as a Scientologist, but not anymore… not since I left that cult a year ago this August. Body Routers rarely show feelings and remind me of Pod people from a twisted version of the 1955 science fiction horror flick Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The Pod people lived up to their reputation: at the northeast corner of Sunset and Vermont, and as I passed two Body Routers, I declared:

“Stats must be down; look at all the Body Routers!”

I said the same thing to the next two Pod people standing at the northwest corner of that intersection. I did not see an ounce of anything in their glazed-over eyes. The Pod people (that is, Scientology Body Routers) are strangely disconnected from reality as they live in a bizarre bubble world.

I can only imagine how down statistics at Los Angeles Org, and PAC Base in general, must be to warrant keeping at least two Sea Org members at each of the street corners at that intersection. I couldn’t imagine being a Sea Org member, Scientologist Body Router, being made (forced) to stand at that intersection. Each of those Body Routers were fully dressed in their Steak House / Car Attendant uniforms. Man, it must be so uncomfortable inside those outfits on such a hot, sunny day.

Instead of the life that we should see in their eyes, we see, instead, the threats upon those Body Routers for anything that resembles a down statistic. The parking lot behind Los Angeles Org is currently wrapped tight in a cocoon, which means that Scientology is about to sponsor an Event. Those Body Routers are out there, dressed in their finest, hauling humanoid carcases into their org in order to please Scientology’s Holy Priest, David “Let Him Die” Miscavige. “Look what we’re doing for you, Davey,” the Body Routers seemingly shout in unison. Like the crazy lady who hangs herself in front of Damien (the anti-Christ) in the 1976 horror flick The Omen, Scientology’s Body Routers are Miscavige’s sacrifice, lest we forget that only Scientology can save planet Earth from its sure demise; that Scientology is man’s only hope.

Yeah, right.