This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. On May 14, 2016, during an event for the 66th anniversary of dianetics, we conducted a protest at the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. Former scientologists Tory Christman, Cece Marie Gangle Smith, Lynn Fountain Campbell and others demonstrated, bringing a message of love (“To my loved one in scientology… call me”) from Phil and Willie Jones to their adult children still trapped in scientology, and to everyone affected by scientology’s toxic practice of “disconnection.” This is Part 2 of that blog (“Lockdown at PAC Base—May 14, 2016—Part 1“).

For today’s blog, I’ve interspersed quotes from scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”), and his very own “Executive Directives.” (LRH EDs were directives issued by him, sent to staff or specific posts, or jobs, in their organizations. They were blue ink on white paper with a special heading.) I’ve also added commentary by Missionary Kid (“MK”), one of the protesters.

Photo Caption: As we walked north along Catalina St., between Fountain Ave. and Sunset Blvd., one of us realized that Sea Org (“SO”) members were applying “Sidewalk Tech” by not walking on it; in order to avoid protesters, the SO took to walking on the street to their destination.

“All efforts on the part of the opposition in any trial to prove how bad Scientology is should be squashed.” —L. Ron Hubbard (LRH ED 775 INT, “Melbourne Documentation,” January 1, 1968.)

Photo Caption: Our team of fearless, happy protesters circled the event on foot and by car. Standing on Catalina St. for this photo, four of us hold “call me” signs for walk-bys; behind us are vehicles displaying the same signs, engaging in drive-bys.

“I was surprised to find people in cars looking at my sign and waving or giving me a thumbs up,” said MK of the “call me” sign he carried, “because my concentration was on the $cientology property.”

Photo Caption: With traffic blocked from driving on L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”), Tory and Lynn had to drive the perimeter of two city blocks in order to bring to PAC Base Phil and Willie’s message of love. Here we see Tory on Catalina St.

“I saw very few public $cientologists for the several hours we were at PAC Base,” reflected MK. “Most of the people I saw were either SO members or non-SO staff.”

Photo Caption: This is Tory Christman and a winning smile.

Photo Caption: Despite the fact that the event had already started, scientology’s Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”) Body Routing activities at the intersection of Vermont and Sunset went unabated. In this composite photograph we see, to the left, a sign at the corner of LRH Way and Sunset Blvd. The sign reads: “The Story of Book One. Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. See the film about the book that started it all. Films show every hour. Free admittance. All are welcome.” To the right, we see a female Body Router (“BR”) having captured an unsuspecting citizen (“fresh meat”) as she escorts him to LA Org. A pretty female BR will often work the streets conning male victims, while good-looking male BRs will con female victims. In her left hand are “free” Personality Test tickets.

Photo Caption: At the corner of LRH Way and Sunset Blvd., SO members apply “Parking Tech,” in which they direct event attendees to scientology’s parking lot.

Do you recognize any of the scientologists and Sea Org members in today’s blog? Are they a child, parent, grandchild or grandparent you haven’t heard from in a long time?Perhaps they’ve been forced to disconnect from you, especially since a scientologist can’t stay connected to anyone who dares question their “religion” or, God forbid, publicly questions their policies, procedures and “technology.”

Photo Caption: What’s wrong with this picture? Here we see an event attendee applying “Miller Lite Tech.” In this photo, he approaches an entrance to the event, beer in hand (and pocket, too). It all happened too fast for me; Cece had noticed the beer and asked if I had (I didn’t, not until I processed the pictures; in fact, I don’t think Cece had noticed the beer in his pocket). When have you ever seen a scientology event attendee dressed like this, carrying booze? Booze and scientology do not go together!

Photo Caption: A SO member leans in a decidedly eastward direction, toward whatever it is that the other scientologist is pointing at. I took this photo across the street, since scientology’s permit banned all non-resident foot traffic along the north side of Fountain Ave.

“Sea Org members have unlimited Ethics Powers and may issue any ethics orders of any kind.” —L. Ron Hubbard (LRH ED 1143 SH, “Urgent—Sea Org Mission—Saint Hills,” November 8, 1967.) [“SH” stands for “Saint Hill”]

Photo Caption: For this composite photo, we see a smiling parking lot attendee, eyes affixed on the “call me” sign hanging from my neck. To the right, we see the entrance to a small parking structure on the south side of Fountain Ave., where that street meets LRH Way. In that photo are three male attendants and a female event attendee who has just exited the elevator.

While I walked along the south side of Fountain Ave., Otto “Odo” Huber, PAC Base Security Guard (“SG”), walked on the north side of that street. He paralleled my every step, yet never looked at me directly. I had intended to cross the street and continue along Catalina Street toward Sunset Blvd., but noticed, again, Otto’s presence. A “red flag” or warning sign went up, and I quickly left the area. Otto’s job includes luring me; in the past, I’ve been given a feeling of friendship, sort of a sense of security with this scientologist. Recently, he has upped the ante, getting too close for comfort, even peering over should into my camera’s lens with almost every photo that I’ve taken. A word of warning to all protesters: avoid Otto at all costs.

Photo Caption: Protesters for the evening included Cece, seen here holding a “call me” sign where LRH Way meets Fountain Avenue. She stands in front of “The Fountain,” residential living for out-of-town scientologists while they do training or auditing (scientology’s version of spiritual counselling). Two event attendees have passed by them, clothed in black “Scientology Media Productions” jackets (which carry the “SMP” logo). (They’re actually wearing “Cause Resurgence Rundown” jackets. My thanks to Tony Ortega on Scientology’s Underground Bunker posting for May 22, 2016, and to L. Wrong Hubturd for pointing this out. Hip hip hooray!)

Photo Caption: From left-to-right: Otto and two Los Angeles police officers, standing in front of the sign for scientology’s Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”), located at 1306 LRH Way.

“Success breeds growth and Scientology orgs are a success story that would make (and makes) other organizations and businesses very envious.” —L. Ron Hubbard (LRH ED 339R INT, “Revision of the Birthday Game 1982/83,” March 13, 1982.)

Photo Caption: I took multiple pictures of this SG, and effectively captured him in this one as he looked in my direction, perhaps even after reading the “call me” sign that I carried.

Photo Caption: “Peace,” declares Tory as protesters display Phil and Willie’s message of love. The front door to the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”), is on Fountain Ave; a side door to that facility, pictured here, is on New Hampshire Ave.

Photo Caption: Tory demonstrates proper “call me” tech as applied to anyone who might come and go from the IAS entrance on New Hampshire Ave.

Photo Caption: As Tory demonstrated how effective Phil and Willie’s message of love is to a love-starved PAC Base, the door to the IAS office opened, and then closed tight. This happened twice, and each time no one left the premises, too afraid to “call me.”

“Twelve action packed years ago the Sea Org was born… We commemorate twelve years of unbroken success and continuing triumph.” —L. Ron Hubbard (LRH ED 303 INT, August 12, 1979.)

Photo Caption: Opened when we arrived, the blinds over a window above the IAS entrance on New Hampshire were quickly closed. A note to the authorities and non-scientology inhabitants of Earth: This is absurd. Real people don’t run away from a message of love, they embrace it. This is what scientology does to people once they’re been tricked into their cult.

Photo Caption: I shot this from the south side of Fountain Av., looking at the event entrance at LRH Way. From the left, we see three SO members; nicely dressed, they may be “Event Ambassadors.” To their right, I spy a security guard, camera in hand. To his right, Otto.

“On the south end of LRH Way,” adds MK, “a chain link fence and canvas barrier stood about 50 feet away from Fountain Ave. The barrier was not straight across the street, but had an opening in the middle that was offset so that participants and attendees (as well as apartment residents who lived on the street) could enter by zigzagging in around the ends. Anyone trying to look in could not see anything except for some tables set up in the street running parallel to the sidewalk that I’m told were for registrars to hound people for contributions on their way out.”

Missionary Kid effectively got scientology to apply “Proper Permit Tech,” when he questioned an LAPD police as to why residents could walk along the north side of Fountain Ave., while we could not. “The policeman turned to the woman in charge,” MK explains, “and asked to see scientology’s permit, so she immediately got on the phone to ‘Legal’ to have it sent down. $cientologists were in a tizzy. They don’t like being questioned.” MK waited for a few minutes with the policeman, all the while holding a “call me” sign for all to see. “When the permit arrived,” continued MK, “the police officer read it, and said that it covered all of the north side of Fountain, but he turned to the $cientologists and said that it wasn’t posted, and it needed to be posted to go into effect.”

Soon, barriers went up on the corner of Fountain and New Hampshire Avenues, a barricade complete with its own Security Guard. MK adds: “Since $cientology likes to think that they are ‘Homo Novis’ [supreme beings], the fact that I, a mere Suppressive Person would catch them in an error, probably ticked them off. I can live with that.”

Photo Caption: I shot four photos of a Sea Org member directing traffic into the parking lot behind LA Org from Catalina St. In this composite, the left photo shows him holding a sign that reads: “Scientology Event Parking,” with an arrow pointed to the parking lot. In the three other photos, he thwarted my every attempt to take a close-up of him holding that sign.

“To look at the sad and gloomy world of Psychiatry and contrast it with the happy cheerful faces of Scientology.” —L. Ron Hubbard (LRH ED 206 SH, December 15, 1966.)

Photo Caption: My walk-bys around PAC Base encompassed the intersection of Sunset and Vermont, where I discovered that Phil and Willie’s “call me” sign actually drove the Body Router on the left away from the corner I stood on. I shot these photos from the southwest corner of that intersection; for the photo on the right, a BR across the street flashed a smile and waved at me. In his right hand are “free” Personality Test and dianetics film tickets.

Photo Caption: As our protest drew to a close, I stood on the south side of Fountain Ave., at LRH Way, and displayed a “call me” sign at event goers waiting for the street light to change. The red arrows point out those attendees who noticed the sign hanging from my neck. I stood at this intersection and saw few public scientologists; I did, however, see SO members (or, perhaps ex-SO members) I had worked with or known in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, including Sue Richardson.

Photo Caption: As they crossed the street, event goers who had, only moments before, read the “call me” sign I displayed, made believe that my sign and I did not exist. The guy on the right read the sign and, as he walked by, I said, “Hello, scientologist,” to which he smiled nicely.

Photo Caption: As night arrived, multi-colored lights canvassed the event stage. Here, the word “dianetics” is spelled backwards because the back of the stage sat where LRH Way meets Fountain.

Photo Caption: This is Richard, a security guard, standing outside The Fountain. He, like two other security guards, has lied and spread a rumor about me. (I have a message for you, Richard, if you’re reading this: Please have your mom call her daughter. Your sister misses her mom.)

On May 1, 2016, a Sea Org Security Guard (I’ll refer to him as “Security Guard #1”) poked and prodded at me verbally as he escorted me on foot along L. Ron Hubbard Way. After I took pictures of a “Stress Test” table and Volunteer Minister tents setup in the LA Org parking lot, we approached children enjoying donkey rides.

SECURITY GUARD #1: Oh, so you’re into taking pictures of little children.

Minutes later, the Los Angeles police arrived; the person who called in the report showed “concern” that “someone” in the area had been taking pictures with children present.

On May 8, 2016, Phil and Willie Jones did drive-bys as they circled Celebrity Centre International while I walked around the facility. As I stood alone on the west side of Tamarind Avenue waiting for Phil and Willie to pick me up, a lone SO SG (who I’ll refer to as “Security Guard #2”) spoke to me from across the street.

SECURITY GUARD #2: I guess you’ll have to leave since there are no little children to take pictures of.
FRED: I’ve never had any interest in children and I will never have any interest in children, except in rearing them.

On May 14, 2016, and with the dianetics 66th anniversary event underway on LRH Way, I stood on the south side of Fountain Avenue, holding the “call me” sign. As cars waited for the traffic light at that street corner to turn “green,” I held up Phil and Willie’s message of love for everyone to see. Richard, a security guard dressed in non-traditional garb (pictured above) spoke to me.

SECURITY GUARD #3 (Richard): Too bad there aren’t any little children around for you to take pictures of, Fred.
FRED: That deserves a picture.

I shot a couple of pictures of him. And then I replied to his below-the-belt comment:

FRED: Well, at least you got the name right. You know, that “button” [“taking pictures of little children”] doesn’t work anymore; the more you use it, the funnier it’s going to get.

In each case, Security Guards #1, #2 and #3 (Richard) spoke to me in private, almost as if they didn’t want to have any witnesses.

“Names [of] persons… declared SP (“Suppressive Person”) must be circulated to all… scientology offices and orgs.” —L. Ron Hubbard (LRH ED 9 INT, “Amnesty and Suppressive Groups,” June 29, 1968.)

“The Guardian’s Intelligence Officer for the Western U.S. should make further appointments to execute ‘Project Squirrel.’ The project consists of the following: (a) Listing all SPs [Suppressive Persons] engaged in… anti-Scientology actions; (b) Get each one investigated (proper evidences and witnesses, not rumor); (c) File a complete file on the person with evidences, affidavits, etc; (d) Take appropriate actions to bring any crimes to police attention; (e) Bring any suit necessary to cause their activities to cease.

It will be found uniformly (despite first view there is no evidence of it) that anti-Scientologists have in their background this life crimes for which they could be arrested. When one finds such a crime one must get documents or witnesses and evidences sufficient for prosecution. The evidences should be turned over to the police. When the person is arrested, one then sues the person for anti-Scientology libels and slanders. If we do the above as our pattern, we will successfully bring the following facts into public consciousness: (a) People who attack Scientology are criminals; (b) That if one attacks Scientology he gets investigated for crimes; (c) If one does not attack Scientology, despite not being with it, one is safe.” —L. Ron Hubbard (LRH ED 149 INT, Confidential, “Branch 5 Project—Project Squirrel,” December 2, 1966.)

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